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Even as your life is changing around you, that doesn’t mean your mindset is changing as well. In our personal lives we go through multiple seasons and changes, and in most cases, a few at the same time. We go off to college, join groups, have children, start working, and have a multitude of other life-changing experiences. Along the way we make choices that now have become our reality. You can agree that if we were meticulous enough to make the perfect choices each time when it really mattered, our lives would not need the metaphorical reset button. However, we do the best we can with the information we have at the current time. 

My friend, I am here to tell you it is never too late to have a fresh start in any area of your life. I am going to show you it is possible to have your fresh start now! 

Learning from your past

Understanding that we all have a hard time dealing with past mistakes, it is good to address regrets of both inaction and action. Think back to a choice you wish you would have made or not made: what was going on during that time? What was your mindset? Whatever the answer, you may be able to cut yourself some slack and rethink this choice, learn from it, and use this as you make your choices in the future. Look at your reoccurring patterns. Schedules continue to get jam-packed, with no room for downtime or rebooting. We keep putting off exercise to instead work longer hours. Are destructive patterns holding you back from becoming your best self? 

What mindset would you like?

Most of us have the luxury to think anything we like. Why not set your mind on the person you want to become? Evaluate your current reality in all areas. This is your health, living situation, personal development, relationships, finances, and spirituality. How are you doing in each area? If you are satisfied in some areas, then figure out what you are doing in these areas that have contributed to your success. You may be able to apply those things to your areas of focus. 

In order to get in the right mindset for the areas that need a new start, you must weigh the realistic options to reach your goals, and implement a course of action. What are your core values? What do you stand for? Understanding this will help you know where you want to go. 

Current reality

Fresh start

Take a close look around at what and who you are allowing to speak into your life. Keeping supportive people around who speak life to you is essential for a fresh start. Swap out your music a couple of times a week for an inspirational podcast during your commute. What are you feeding yourself? Implement healthier options that provide more energy. Decluttering your home and car helps to declutter your mind, thus helping you to think more clearly. Establish a routine where you get enough sleep to start fresh each day. Along with your mindset, physically changing the people and things around you will help with a new start. 

How to start and move forward to a stronger you

Choose one goal that you may already be working toward and turn it into a SMART goal. The completion date is critical to creating a SMART goal. This should be addressed before you begin, or at least as soon as possible, so it will not turn into a “someday” completion date. Start small and spread your goals out. You need small wins to build confidence in your new self. Here are a few ways to spend your time when starting fresh:

  1. Take a look in your closet   

Our time is so precious. Spending that time trying to figure out what to wear just to keep rotating the same five shirts isn’t the best use of it. Try a capsule wardrobe to decrease the time you spend getting ready for the day and actually start your day faster

2. Spending habits

Go on a no-spend challenge. Write down your essentials for the month: food, bills, toiletries, and only spend that. This helps prevent overspending, and also gives you the opportunity to create instead of consuming. 

3. Unplug

Pick a timeframe, whether it’s a certain time each day, a day out of the week, or a weekend, to unplug from your devices. During this time, you have the space to check in with yourself, indulge in nature, and/or reconnect with loved ones. 

4. Take a class or course

Learn something new or add on to a skill you already have. You can go back to school or find an online course. Reading a book is also a good way to consistently learn something new. Change up the topics to challenge yourself to think in new ways. 

5. Take one hour for yourself

Jumpstart your day by giving the first hour to yourself. Eat a healthy breakfast, be creative, meditate, and end with light cardio. Give each of these activities 15 minutes. 


A fresh start will take self-motivation and support from those around you. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals. Develop a sense of humor for times where you have minor setbacks and need to get back on track. Make your goals visible in your home, car, and workplace so you continuously see where you are going. You can keep track of these goals to measure your progress. Lastly, visualize your goals using your senses. What will it look like, feel like, sound like when your goal is achieved? Comment below to share your story!

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Hello! I am Ebony Bullock, and this blog was started as a space to document the way I live my life by enjoying the simple richness all around me. Through my life experiences, I'm continuing to gain knowledge about how to live simply and practical tips for an intentional life. I am here to help us all simplify our lives without missing out on any of the enjoyment that life has to offer. We can find small luxuries in everyday life, while we practice living intentionally and reaching our goals. We can stop looking everywhere else for happiness, watching others and wishing for things we don't have, and instead start enjoying life’s simple richness for ourselves. My hope is that reading about my experiences will help you learn something new and gain perspective on how to live the best version of your life. It’s time to step out of that mundane schedule and start expecting the great things life has to offer. Join a community here where you'll learn how to hold yourself accountable for living each day with excitement and joy. I'm excited to share some tips on how to live a life full of simple riches (and full of style too, of course)!


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