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 I think we can agree that we all can use more leisure in our lives. How often do you plan to do something fun more than a few times a week? A hobby is great for honing skills, helping manage stress levels, or diving into a special interest. As busy adults, it can seem nearly impossible to find a hobby that fits our schedules.

But I am here to tell you that if you want anything badly enough, nothing is impossible. We have to carve time out of our busy schedules and start making an effort to fill gaps in our lives with activities that can give us fulfillment. This guide will help you find a hobby that fits you and your unique schedule.

Finding a Hobby 

What do you love doing?

If you are looking to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of life, a hobby is a great place to start. In order to find a hobby for the current season of your life, you can start by writing down a list of things you’ve always loved. For example, if you love watching films, you could write in-depth online reviews about your thoughts on the film. If you love to paint your nails, you could volunteer at the local children’s hospital and brighten a few children’s days by painting their nails. If you love to cook, you could create a fun cooking competition and involve other people who share the same interest. Start looking at things you truly love doing and see how you could expand it to a hobby.

Walk down memory lane to a simpler time

Your childhood could spark some inspiration. I always loved a nice volleyball game in the yard of a friend’s house. It is no surprise that now I try to play each chance I get. Was music your thing? Continue to learn the instrument you forgot about or take on a whole new one.  Was dress-up and make-believe a part of your childhood? You could transform this into participating in local theater. Maybe you were a collector of a popular item and really enjoyed it. Whatever the interest, it is worth exploring.

Go out and search for it

Your next hobby could be waiting in the thrift store, craft store, or at a garage sale. You could take a trip to the museum and get inspired to start creating your own artwork. If you would like to become more active, you can visit the nearest trail, park, or beach and see how others utilize their time there. Think about the places you enjoy going: there may be your next hobby waiting to be discovered.

Making time for your hobby

Like running? Join a competition for your hobby

Now that you have some ideas about things you thoroughly enjoy, when do you find the time to actually enjoy them? Knowing where your time is going each day is how I am learning how to make time for my hobby. You can find places in your day where you have free time that gets filled with not-so-good habits and fill them with your hobby. Again, we can do anything we want if we want it enough. 

Double up

In order to make time for the hobby of your choosing, you can try doubling up on things you already do and turn them into a hobby. If exercising is your thing, challenge yourself by joining a weightlifting competition, do fun runs, or start a more extreme regimen like CrossFit. 

Hobby during work

Do you have a lunch break that you never actually take? There may be some time during your working hours that you can take a step back and enjoy being present. I am interested in learning photography, but before I buy anything to start this new adventure, I would like to know I will actually be doing it as much as I want. I am fortunate enough to work in a great area where there’s great scenery and people so I have a chance to develop my craft. Have a look around the area and find a nearby yoga studio or find a quiet place to meditate. 

Make a to-do list

Writing out everything you have to do is a great way to find the perfect spot in your day to enjoy your hobby without the feeling of missing out. It could seem mundane and restricting, but I like to look at it as having a plan and knowing where you’re going for the day, week, month, and so on. 


Whether you’re interested in filling your free time with meaning, or want to hone in on a skill, getting a hobby can add value to your life. What hobbies are you doing now or would like to start doing? For additional ideas, check out this article on Comment below and share!

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