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I am a simplish girl who likes to look nice and put together every time I step out of the house. Is that is that so much to ask? When I look good, I feel good. No, I do not wear heels to the grocery store, but I do like a extra-white t-shirt, blue jeans and my favorite slides. 

Having said this, I do not enjoy shopping. The whole trying on clothes thing and having a million options to choose from overwhelms me, and I end up picking up anything that will get me out of the store fast. Understanding this is not best practice, I buy online and take my time, only to find that the clothes do not fit me the way I want them to. Oh well, trial and error. 

Along the way I am learning how to shop for the things that I will love to wear all the time by creating what I call a timeless closet. A timeless closet has clothes, shoes, and accessories that never go out of style and that you have always been drawn to wearing. For me, that looks like plain clothes with no patterns, a variety of shoes: tennis, boots, heels, and flats all in neutral colors, and diamonds, pearls, and gold jewelry that I can wear with anything. For you this could look like sun dresses or an all-black wardrobe. You should like what you have on, no matter the occasion. I will show you how to look your best at all times in four simple steps by creating a timeless closet for every style and budget.

Quality over quantity 

To ensure you have a long-lasting closet that comes through for you at all times, you need quality items. Opting for the lower prices of cheaper brands and synthetic materials will lead to replacing your items more often. Do some research on quality clothes (link) that you can invest in. Save what you would spend on 10 items and spend it on 3 quality items that has a longer lifetime than the fast fashion brands(link). Unless you have unlimited funds to spend on clothes, this will limit what have to choose from when getting dressed. You can save time getting dressed, see what is missing in your wardrobe, and buy that on your next shopping trip. It gives you a nice, clean, spacious closet where you love everything in there. Choosing quality clothes will help you plan better. With a bigger investment, you will ensure your clothes fit just right and you will really love what you chose. Also, as things change, you can resell your expensive clothes for a small profit(link)!

Don’t be afraid to clean house

Get rid of the things that you have not worn in the last year. Chances are you won’t wear them again. Keep items that you absolutelylove and the items you truly need that fit your lifestyle. It is okay to wear the same items until you build your wardrobe again. You may be doing this already. If cleaning house makes you nervous, try donating, recycling, or repurposing 2 items for every 1 item you purchase. 

Essentials you should always have 

Blue Jeans

Demin Jeans

blue jean jacket

Jean Jacket

Timeless closet


Timeless closet 2

White blouse 

Dress closet essentials


Pumps are closet essentials.


Trench coat


Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes

tank tops


every day t-shirts


Women's flat shoe


Looking your best

Only you can answer what truly makes you feel good when it comes to clothes. Knowing your size, and not just small or large, but your true measurement, can help. Determine whether you like tight fitting or loose clothes, or a combination. Ask for the stores’ return policy. Often I buy an item at the store and love it, only to find out once I bring it home that I have no clue what I was thinking. Knowing I can return it if I change my mind makes shopping more enjoyable. Get in front of a full-length mirror. You can now view yourself as a whole, head to toe. 

Nothing looks better than confidence! Accessorize, try that daring lip color, wear your hair messy. A confident smile will outshine anything you are wearing. If you find you are wearing things that don’t instill the best confidence, well, now you’re one step closer to finding your unique style. This helps know what not to buy. 

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Hello! I am Ebony Bullock, and this blog was started as a space to document the way I live my life by enjoying the simple richness all around me. Through my life experiences, I'm continuing to gain knowledge about how to live simply and practical tips for an intentional life. I am here to help us all simplify our lives without missing out on any of the enjoyment that life has to offer. We can find small luxuries in everyday life, while we practice living intentionally and reaching our goals. We can stop looking everywhere else for happiness, watching others and wishing for things we don't have, and instead start enjoying life’s simple richness for ourselves. My hope is that reading about my experiences will help you learn something new and gain perspective on how to live the best version of your life. It’s time to step out of that mundane schedule and start expecting the great things life has to offer. Join a community here where you'll learn how to hold yourself accountable for living each day with excitement and joy. I'm excited to share some tips on how to live a life full of simple riches (and full of style too, of course)!


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