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What makes you happier than succeeding at something? Even the smallest of wins like getting your toddler to potty in the toilet for the first time can make you happy. Sure, it’s your child’s win, but you definitely did your part to get them to that glorious moment. Or let’s say you are working towards spending your money wisely, and you cut your weekly grocery bill down by a third. At the minimum, you deserve a pat on the back. 

All this is possible by setting goals. Now I know there is some solid information on the internet to get rid of goals and create systems instead. But we need both to get our best outcome possible. 

Goal Setting

First, let’s define a goal and a system:

  1. Goal –measurable results you would like to achieve (future)

2. System– what you do daily to reach your desired lifestyle (present) 

Think of a head coach’s goal to win the championship. A good system to create is to build a great coaching staff, excellent recruits, and practice as hard as you play. The system is needed. But if you don’t set the goal to win 12 out of 15 games during the regular season, the team won’t make the playoffs to get a chance at the championship win. Goals along with a great system, will have you analyze the first three games the team won by the skin of their teeth and make adjustments. 

Having goals is a great way to get to where you want to go in life faster. Whether you write them out or keep them mentally in your head, we have all had goals at some point. One of my goals was to graduate college. Once I finished my first semester of college, I knew I wanted to gain my degree in 4 years. The system was to study and make good grades one semester at a time. My goal was taking enough classes each semester to keep me on my 4-year plan. If I knew what I know now, I would have networked a bit more, had a different major, and applied to top ranking internships. But that is another story!

Everything in life is all about perspective. Most of us don’t want to set goals because we hate the feeling of failure. Frustration, disappointment, lack of self-confidence are emotions we are likely to have when we feel we’ve let ourselves and others down. You shouldn’t let these feelings linger too long. If you have set goals in the past that you did not meet, this is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Ask: why did I not meet this goal? Is it an outside pressure that made you set certain goals (job, partner, parents)? Is your aim to low and you loose interest? Whatever the answer, figure out who you truly want to be and set your systems and goals accordingly. If you still find that you are not meeting your goals, scale back and make them smaller and realistic for your current lifestyle. Leave room for trial and error, but just keep going until you find what is right for you! 

I have come up with 5 measurable goals that anyone can accomplish this month. 

1. Stay Home 

Stay Home

Most of us are going into week 8 of staying home. Understanding we all are a bit stir crazy at this point, it is for the greater good. Some of us are fortunate enough to still be employed and have been afforded the opportunity to work from home during this strange time. Make it a goal to stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Of course, there are needs that must be met outside of the home. But if you think about it, most of us have not seen this much family time in our lifetime. Take this precious time to connect with your family, self, and God. Call people you didn’t have time to call in the past or start the hobby you’ve always wanted to. 

2. Finding Common Interest within Your Family

Goals are family time

While spending all this time with my family, I realized it would be beneficial to start finding things we all like to do. Of course, it is nice to compromise, but finding activities we all enjoy is a much better time. So, one of my goals is to find 2 more things we can all take part in and enjoy this month. Currently we bike ride on a trail, make crafts, and we watch The Loud House together. You may already have common interests with your family members established. If this is the case, then venture out and try 1 new thing this month you think you all may enjoy. 

3. Exercise

Goal is to exercise

Of course, exercise has to be a goal. Please note this is one of my least favorite things to do, but it is so important squeeze this into your day. According to the Mayo Clinic, “As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. If you want to lose weight, maintain weight loss or meet specific fitness goals, you may need to exercise more. Want to aim even higher? You can achieve more health benefits if you ramp up your exercise to 300 minutes or more a week.” There are so many options out there that can make exercise fun, and you can even try it right at home. Make an attempt to dance, swim, mow the lawn, or go for an evening walk each day. Add an exercise routine to your monthly goals. 

4. Prayer and Meditation

Meditation goal

Make it a goal to pray or meditate for at least 3 times a week. The benefits are endless. To name a few, your stress level will reduce, it brings you closer to yourself and God, and helps your concentration. I like to think of prayer as talking to God and meditation as listening to God. We may not always hear Him, but being in silence and knowing you are being present in His presents is powerful. 

To keep track of your goals, try using a journal or a prayer app and a meditation app. Use your phone to make you more productive. My husband and I have a simple prayer board on the wall of our closet. We write prayers on a sticky note and when they get answered, we pull the sticky note off the board in a designated area. We are continuously adding prayers to the board and removing them. This helps us to remember God does answer prayers and more specifically, which ones he has answered for us. 

5. Self-care 

Self care

Please, please, please make it your goal to provide yourself with selfcare for at least 1 hour per week. This is so important to be the best person you can be for yourself, family, and colleagues. Some of us may feel like it is impossible to fit in your day, or selfish for ditching your family for some “me time.” Get creative with self-care. We must take care of our mental and emotional state of mind as well as your physical health. Establishing a simple sleep routine is selfcare. For all the morning people, wake up before everyone else and read in peace. Once the kids are down for the night, take a relaxing bath. Change up your diet to meet your body’s needs. It doesn’t have to be the same type of self-care each week. Switch it up but cut out that time for yourself to rejuvenate. 

What type of goals will you being looking to do this month? Comment down below

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